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Testosterone Suspension is a very powerful steroid, which raises potency and aggression at a quicker rate. As compared to other steroids, the muscle mass gains from this steroid are comparatively quick and strong. Testosterone Suspension is capable of boosting glycogen storage in muscle tissue. The chemical structure of the <a href=>Testosterone Suspension</a> is 4-androstene-3-one, 17beta-ol, and the molecular weight of its base is 288.429. Testosterone Suspension enhances the rigidity, vascularity, and overall shape.


Testosterone Suspension is a more innovative steroid to use. Normally it is used for bulking purposes. This injectable testosterone compound is primarily used in power sports circles, and has high androgenic plus anabolic properties. After injecting, Testosterone Suspension becomes active only one hour after injecting. Testosterone Suspension is pure free based androgenic hormone because there is no any ester attached to it. 


Testosterone Suspension does not go straightly into the bloodline, but when it enters the blood it discharges rapidly and delivers very high peak doses. Because it is a short acting factor, it must be injected on a daily basis or at the least every other day for maximal outcome. Testosterone Suspension is utilized in the same amounts as other esterified androgens and accordingly brings about impressive results. 


In conjunction with muscle mass gains, augmented water retention levels and puffiness can be seen while using <a href=>Testosterone Suspension</a>. This chemical compound is used frequently in power sports circles. In the last 1-2 weeks before a contest, Testosterone Suspension is injected each day, which results in astonishing strength gains. Often Testosterone Suspension is even injected on the competition day to raise the jock’s violence and confidence to approach the tricky jobs with the right approach. 


High rates of acne, water retention and aromatization are possible while making use of Testosterone Suspension. Increased blood pressure and liver toxicity are generally not an issue unless quantities are excessive. The reason is that the liver is already accustomed to processing testosterone. It promptly changes to DHT and drastically inhibits HPTA function. Thus, the user should be acquainted with a host of ancillary medications in addition to HCG that may be useful to run during cycle to put off the HPTA inhibition and diminish the time length needed to accomplish normalization post cycle.