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What Foods To Eat To Boots Your Testosterone Levels?

The hormone testosterone is a reasonably available hormone.

Often, when you see two large people enter a brawl over something seemingly important, the first thing you would generally think of is that they have very high testosterone levels.

But is that true? What do you know about this important hormone? Are the things you’ve heard and now come to associate with the hormone, right?

Well, we aim to find answers to these pressing questions.

For starters, contrary to popular belief, testosterone is not at all responsible for bad behavior. Also, not contained in popular lore is the fact that women also need this essential hormone.

The truth is, most people do not know quite a lot about the hormone in question. For instance, it’s not common knowledge that the level of testosterone in males influences the likelihood of developing prostate cancer.

A great deal of the roles that this hormone plays is mostly overlooked. This is why moving forward; you need to know at least what testosterone does to the male and female before anything else. So here goes.

As the significant sex hormone in males, testosterone is vital for the development of the male sex glands (the penis and the testes). It is also responsible for the onset and display of secondary male characteristics like the appearance of facial hair and the deepening of the voice during puberty. Other functions of the hormone include but are not limited to influencing muscle size as well as growth, the production of sperm, and affecting the male libido (sex drive). These are only some of what the hormone testosterone does in the male body.

In females, this hormone is secreted from the adrenal gland and the ovaries. As only one of many male sex hormones in females, it is necessary for bone strength and proper functioning of the ovaries. As in males, it also affects female sexual behavior to a certain level. Another factoid most people aren’t aware of is that cholesterol is a need for the production of testosterone in the body. However, studies have conclusively shown that a high level of cholesterol doesn’t translate to a high level of testosterone. The brain carefully regulates the amount of the hormone in the body.

This hormone is essential for the proper functioning of the body. The effects of too low levels of testosterone in the collection are quite severe. It could result in making the bones extremely brittle, a series of hot flashes, depression, and poor concentration, to mention only a few. This is getting quite serious, isn’t it? However, you don’t need to fret just yet. If you suspect you might be having low testosterone levels, there’s a way to get that sorted out in no time. You can eat several types of foods that will get that hormone level right where it needs to be in your body system in no time at all.

Here is a list of ten (10) foods you can consume that will help put your testosterone level in the right bracket.

Munching on Pomegranates/Drinking Pomegranate Juice

One of the very few fruits that have a very positive effect on testosterone formation is the pomegranate. Consuming healthy doses of pomegranates has been shown to affect the rate at which the body synthesizes testosterone significantly. A recently concluded study presented results showing that test subjects who consumed pure pomegranate juice daily for two (2) weeks straight saw a significant bump of about 24% in their overall testosterone levels. The study continued to show that the blood pressure levels (both systolic and diastolic) dropped significantly to a safer margin.

Still, on the benefits of drinking/eating pomegranates, any research carried out on the fruit suggested strongly that continuously drinking juice obtained from pressing pomegranates cleared arteries by helping to reduce the formation of plaques in them by as much as 35%. Of course, this positively reflects on the state and functioning of the cardiovascular system. Commendable changes were also seen in cholesterol profiles as it influenced the level of healthy LDL cholesterol with its strong anti-oxidative properties.

Eating Beef Containing Zinc

For red meat lovers, this is undoubtedly something you’ll want to try out. In addition to being one of the tastiest delicacies you could have, red meat contains a literal cornucopia of food nutrients. Slices of red meat can provide a very high concentration of proteins, vitamins, iron, and zinc. Of the four food nutrients listed here, two (zinc and protein) are essential in the sufficient production of the hormone testosterone.

We strongly recommend that you pick and eat on the lean cut of the beef due to how particularly tempting using this food source to replenish your testosterone levels. These contain a lot more of the nutrients you need without the ones you can do without it.

Considering the possible consequences of eating this, we highly recommend you control how you consume it.

Consuming Beans

Here is yet another unique source of nutrients and materials to help you in your quest to attain sufficient testosterone levels in your body system. Eating beans, especially certain types of beans, like the Fava bean, is a great way to get that testosterone boost. This is because Fava beans contain a substance within them called L-dopa. The L-dopa is the main thing that stimulates your body system to start the process of testosterone synthesis promptly.

Also, to help produce testosterone, the L-dopa in Fava beans offers the body several benefits, such as assisting with body growth and the formation of right body muscles. Furthermore, L-dopa has a stimulatory effect on the brain, which causes it to secrete dopamine in higher quantities.


One of the most potent natural means of elevating testosterone levels is that this vegetable can get your body system producing testosterone with just its smell alone. The two significant sterols in celery (Androstenone and Androstenol) are so potent that you are assured of an increase in testosterone levels.

While there are several ways to eat celery, you should eat the vegetable raw for the desired result. Of course, you can always spice the meal up with some other foods that also help improve testosterone levels like blue cheese.

Consumption of Egg Yolks Which are Rich in Cholesterol and Proteins.

As was mentioned earlier, testosterone needs a good supply of cholesterol for it to be produced. It’s even possible that your body just didn’t have sufficient quantities of cholesterol, which led to the failure to synthesize this hormone.

All hormones are mostly proteins. So consuming a healthy supply of good protein is an excellent way to rev up your body system to produce more testosterone. Also, to your advantage, the constituents of an egg are near-perfect, molecularly speaking, to the materials you need for testosterone synthesis. Even better news, consuming one egg a day will not have any harmful effects on your health status, so overall, this is arguably one of the best foods you can eat to boost testosterone levels in your body.

Adding Coconut Oil and Olive Oil to Your Diet

Olive oil contains fatty chains that are monounsaturated. This is one primary reason why it is a great food source to incorporate into your daily diet if you want to see that boost in testosterone production. Several Mediterranean cuisines feature olive oil as a mainstay ingredient. This means it can serve not just to inspire testosterone production in the testes, but also significantly improve the taste of your meals. There have been different studies on the efficacy of this oil when it comes to increasing testosterone levels. A particular report stated that individuals who used olive oil as their primary source of fat in meals throughout two (2) weeks recorded as high as 17% increase in their testosterone levels. Not just this, it also contains incredible anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a great source of antioxidants.

Coconut oil also contains some fantastic properties that it serves as a good source of stimulating testosterone production in the body. One primary concern that has always been observed about using coconut oil is that it contains a great deal of saturated fatty acids.

However, studies have conclusively shown that even though the saturated acids are present, they are not the kind that increases your predisposition to having cardiovascular diseases. Some significant advantages to consuming this oil are that it improves cognitive functions, it boosts the levels of thyroid hormones in the body significantly, and it does wonders for weight loss.

Consuming More Oysters

 The importance of mineral zinc when it comes to making the body ready to synthesize testosterone from cholesterol cannot be over-emphasized. Zinc is a crucial component for creating testosterone in the body, and there are very few natural sources of zinc in the world that rival the oyster.

There are several types of oysters, as well as several ways you can consume these mollusks, to access their wealth of zinc. There are true oysters and pearl oysters. The real oysters contain a larger quantity of zinc. While there are different ways to prepare this delicacy before consumption, a prevalent practice is to consume them raw after thoroughly cleaned simply.

Foods That Are a Good Source of Vitamin D

Without trying to use it to elevate your testosterone level, the consumption of foods that are a good source of Vitamin D do you quite a lot of good. As it is essential for several body functions, such as proper bone development and boosting your immune system, you get to gain a lot from taking them.

Foods like salmon fish, fortified milk, fortified tofu, fortified milk substitutes, and so on contain just the right amount of vitamin D to help your body synthesize more testosterone. Also, these food sources serve as a good source of quality protein, so do enjoy it.

Eating Brazil Nuts

Another great fruit that can help increase your testosterone levels is the Brazil nut. This nut is very high in consumable selenium. Selenium is proven to be capable of improving the body system and compelling the testes to begin the process of synthesizing testosterone. Regularly, this mineral intake drastically boosts the level of testosterone recorded in serum, according to various research results compiled over the years. According to numerous studies, to get the recommended 2739% of selenium is needed to initiate maximum production of testosterone, all you need to do is consume only 100g of Brazil nuts.

Another new benefit and use of the Brazil nut is its promise as a possible treatment for infertility. The most advisable number of nuts to consume in one day for you is between 3 and 6, depending on how much you favor the taste.

Eating Blue Cheese

As far as this list goes, this might well be the least desirable food choice to use in combating low testosterone levels. However, despite how odd the cheese smell, it still quite tastes, and most importantly, it is a potent agent for accelerating testosterone creation.

The microbes that constitute a sizable percentage of the cheese’s constitution produce a unique flavor that helps in increasing the quantity of good microflora in the stomach.  Furthermore, the many beneficial microbes in the cheese, such as the Bifidobacteria and the lactic acid bacteria serve as live enzymes capable of spurring the testes into the production and support of proper testosterone levels in the body.

An essential plus factor in eating the blue cheese is that it possesses gut-cleansing properties that make it capable of protecting the stomach cells and removing toxic compounds from the body. It also destroys compounds that have adverse effects on testosterone levels.

Knowing what you do now, finding the best foods to help increase testosterone levels is simply a matter of choosing what type of food you prefer to eat on this list!