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Smoking a much better talked about issue presently, is fast becoming an addiction with smokers. Perhaps you never have thought on those lines simply because you felt that smoking is an important part of your life style.

You may not remember when started smoking; may be when you were very young or you were thrilled when you saw your friends smoking. After a short period you may have had the felling that you could not do with smoking, which must have had created tension with you. 

Later on, you may have felt whatever your parents try to make you understand about the ill effects of smoking on your health was right. You must have tried to get rid of smoking but then you may have been unable to take a decision as to what may happen to your smoking breaks.

The facts findings show differences about smoking as an addition with every smoker. A smoker would term smoking as a ‘stimulant’ or smoking which may provide him extra energy or so. The smoker is totally unaware that the stimulant is simply an addiction which is constantly completing him to remain hooked and not allowing him to come out of it.

Adopt a positive attitude, uncovering your self about smoking, its negative and positive effects on you as you feel. Now if really care to take a close look at what happens to you when you don’t smoke or don’t get cigarettes. You may fell lonely, bored; you may feel irregularly; you feel you need to touched up with glow when you light up a cigarette, so on and so forth. The non smokers on the other hand relax on there own naturally, they don’t require a light up cigarette to relax. You may go through some simple steps below to know about what you are addicted to and how to combat it.


  • For a day or two whenever you smoke you write down the feelings you had before smoking every cigarette. Not whether felt bored, tired, and hungry, exhausted, or stress out.


  • Write down some ‘plus’ points you experienced after smoking that cigarette, you may have felt sleepy, it may have helped you to make up early or reduced your boredom.


  • If you review your list, you may find a pattern to your addiction.


  • A total diversion of your thoughts, surely help you distract your feeling of smoking.


  • It’s not that difficult to give up smoking if you are sincere about it.