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Have you ever heard of quit smoking slogans? There are all types of quit smoking slogans and they can be found no matter what country you live in. 

All over the world, you will find advertisements and commercials featuring slogans trying to get people to stop smoking. There are some great slogans out there that can actually serve as a mantra or affirmation for you when you are trying to stop smoking. 

Here are some common quit-smoking slogans you may have heard of before:

  • Hang Tough, Don’t Puff! 
  • The urge to smoke goes away whether you light up or not. 
  • Remember that if you do light up, the next urge to smoke comes much sooner, more often, and more intensely. 
  • Don’t Despair. Breathe the Air. 
  • Deep breathe until the urge passes. 
  • No butts about it, smoking is bad for your health. 
  • When you give in to the urge to smoke, you are rewarding the urge. This is why the urges return more frequently and more strongly. 
  • A desire to smoke is not a command that must be followed.
  • The NicoBeast’s voice can’t hurt you. Ignore it. Or analyze it. See it for what it is. Laugh at the tricks it tries to use on you to get you to have “just one”. 
  • You can’t brag if you take a drag! 
  • Smoking is not an option. 
  • Smokers Don’t Get To Smoke. They have to smoke. 
  • Relaxation breathing: draw air in the way you do with a cig (but without the cig)
  • Just say to yourself, “But I don’t smoke anymore” 
  • Think: “I’m becoming a nonsmoker” (instead of thinking “I’m giving up smoking”). 
  • I’m A Puff Away From A Pack A Day.
       ( Even A Puff Can Blow Me Away ) 

There are many quit smoking slogans out there to try to help people in their mission to stop smoking once and for all. You may also hear these slogans used in quit-smoking groups or even on television advertisements from quit-smoking campaigns.