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There is no definite period cited for TRT treatments to help testosterone deficiency.

For good and all it doesn’t fully cure low testosterone, so your symptoms may return if you stop taking it.

What is TRT?

TRT is an androgen replacement therapy, which is referred to as testosterone replacement therapy. A form of hormone therapy in which androgens are replaced.

TRT is used for the recovery of low testosterone levels in the human body. Testosterone is the most efficient androgen body produces, and it controls masculinity.

Low T may be the result of age or some medical issues. Our body produces endogenous testosterone naturally, but slowly and gradually, it decreases over time.

TRT may help you gain some goals like boosting sexual desire, high energy level, muscles for bodybuilding.

TRT also has some negative aspects like- acne, soreness, high red blood cell count, smaller testicles, chest pain, breathing problem, stroke, heart attack, swelling in the hands or legs, enlarged prostate, pulmonary embolism, sleep apnea.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

There are so many symptoms that let you predict that you have low testosterone like,

  • Unexpected weight gain
  • Sleeping disturbance
  • Iron deficiency
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Body weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Calcium deficiency in the bones
  • Low sexual desire
  • Depression
  • Lose of self-confidence.


How long do you have to use TRT?

Testosterone makes a man masculine in the sense of hormone. Metabolism, libido, jawline shape, confidence, hair growth, muscular size, voice pitch, bone density, etc. all are related to testosterone up to some extent.

For how long you need to be on TRT is not inevitable because this depends on your age and health condition.

Testosterone is of two types, endogenous and exogenous. Endogenous is produced naturally by testicles, and exogenous is artificial.

The younger patients are likely to be treated faster within a short period. But in the case of older patients, this maybe longer, as you know, testosterone decreases as you grow older and older.

TRT’s short-term benefits may include restful sleep, energy booster, increased desire, sense of vitality, and other positive changes in health issues.

If you have low T naturally, consult your doctor, and get your hormone test because you lack the crucial substance that makes you a man.

There are various ways to try TRT. The best option will depend on your biological and physical lifestyles.

Some methods are applied regularly, while some are done monthly.

The therapy could be oral medications, intramuscular injections, transdermal patches, gels or cream, etc.

Your hormone doctor will choose the best option for you to bring you back to a healthy life.

TRT can make you love your life again. Testosterone therapy can also make you energetic and helps to regain your sexual desire.

Generally, this therapy is a life long treatment, as with the most critical conditions stopping TRT could force your symptoms to return.

If you are diagnosed with irregularly low T, TRT would be best for you to bring back to normal again.


People can generally improve their testosterone levels by changing their lifestyles along with improving their diet and exercise programs in their daily lives.

Exercise and other physical activities are proven to show measurable improvements in testosterone levels.

There is no explicit consent on the period you should undergo testosterone replacement therapy, so you need to talk to your hormone doctor for a better plan of treatment and doses right for you.

During treatment, the hormone doctor will set regular check-ups to monitor your progress accurately.